Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal Extraction

by | Aug 19, 2014 | blog

A person’s wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, erupt in early adulthood. These two sets of teeth that emerge on the upper and lower gums are the last to appear. If a wisdom tooth is found to be in the wrong direction or falls short in its growth, it means it is impacted and would require an extraction.

A dental consultation is important in order to know the cost of wisdom tooth removal and extraction. Without undergoing a thorough dental checkup, a dentist will not have a basis for a quote. Just like a regular clinic visit, panoramic tooth x-rays are a necessity. Clinic or corporate dentists can proceed with extracting impacted wisdom tooth that is easy to take out. However, if they see that it looks complicated, they would refer the patients to other skilled professionals and forward dental findings to the dentists of their choice. They seek help from their colleagues, the oral and maxillofacial dentists, who are known to be the experts when it comes to impacted tooth removals.

The wisdom tooth extraction cost will depend on the classification of the patient’s tooth. To be specific, he or she will assess these factors in order to come up with a fixed rate:

  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Duration of the procedure
  • Tooth’s arrangement in the jaw

Aside from the above mentioned, specialists consider the type of anesthetic agent used for the operation done. Dentists use sedation as a technique in order for their patients to experience an uncomplicated surgery. This will enable the procedure to run smoothly while patients remain pain-free. However, patients must know the fees that come with the procedure.

Uncomplicated Wisdom Tooth Removal Extraction

Each wisdom tooth has its own distinct characteristic. Some are difficult to get rid of while some involve an effortless operation.  A simple wisdom tooth extraction which has a standard tooth positioning ranges from $100-$200.

As soon as you find out that you have an impacted tooth, you should not hesitate on letting your oral surgeon eliminate it. The negative effects of letting it stay longer inside your oral cavity include: persistent infections, dental carries, gingivitis, or worse—cysts and oral carcinomas. There are numerous clinics out there that offer promotions when you plan to go wisdom teeth extraction on all four. Finding a reliable dental surgeon who can perform the removal at an affordable price might be challenging but attainable.

Soft Tissue Impaction

In this type of impaction, part of the gums stretch out above the wisdom tooth. Patients who have a fractional eruption would undergo an operation wherein the wisdom tooth is extracted and the gums are repositioned and stitched back in place after a small incision has been made. A soft tissue impaction has a price range of $200-$400. However, the charge for this kind of impaction is lesser in countryside compared to the metropolitan areas. One should check with the surgeon if the nitrous oxide or the anesthesia used for conscious sedation is already inclusive in the wisdom tooth extraction cost or not.

Partial Bony Impaction

When a portion of the crown is positioned in the jawbone instead of lying over the gums, the condition is called Partial Bony Impaction. The specialist will start the operation by that making an opening in the gum tissue that spread over the surface to make the concerned tooth more accessible. Once the wisdom has been removed along with some bone in the region of the tooth, the gums are fixed back into its original place. The dental fee for a partial bony impaction would average $275-$450.

Complete Bony Impaction

In this type of impaction, the wisdom tooth is entirely enclosed in the jawbone. Before pulling out the wisdom tooth, the specialist will start an incision in the gums round about the involved tooth. The tooth may be divided into fragments while several bone tissues covering the fully impacted tooth may be trimmed before the gingival tissue is repositioned. The cost of wisdom tooth removal extraction for the special procedure ranges from $300-$500.

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