How Long Is The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure?

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Dental Emergency, Dental Health, Dental Services, Dental Surgery, general dentistry, Sedation Dentistry

Most patients don’t find wisdom tooth extraction an appointment they look forward to. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why dental anxiety is prevalent among patients. However, your dentist will reassure you that this treatment is not painful. The discomfort is most probably from an infection due to the wisdom tooth. 

Why is it done?

At around age 17 to 25, a patient’s wisdom tooth begins to erupt. Wisdom teeth are also called the third molars and they’re the last permanent bites to come in. Some have theirs come out normally, meanwhile, others are advised by their dentists to remove it for the following reasons:

  • The wisdom tooth is impacted. This means that the tooth is trapped in the jawbone or the gums, which results in dental pain. It could also lead to dental diseases that may affect not only the wisdom tooth but the neighbouring teeth. 
  • Coming in at a wrong angle. Some wisdom teeth come in lying down or inclined with the crown of the tooth facing either sideways. This can get the tooth stuck or it may press on to the tooth next to it.
  • No more room for another tooth. If a patient has a small mouth or jawbone, most likely there’s no more space for the wisdom tooth to erupt. 
  • You have tooth decay and gum disease. Due to its awkward position, it’s hard to reach wisdom teeth with your toothbrush or floss. This leads to tooth decay and periodontal diseases that need to be get rid of.  

Wisdom tooth extraction procedure

Because of the reasons stated above, your dentist recommends an immediate wisdom tooth removal. If you have concerns about the procedure, ask your dentist right away. Do not be hesitant about your queries so that you’ll know what to expect of the treatment. Your dentist would also like to know what maintenance medications you are currently taking so nothing would complicate your operation. 

At this time, you will also discuss what type of anesthesia you will be taking. There are plenty of options available, depending on how anxious you are about the treatment. You can either be conscious but numb during the procedure or asleep altogether. Sedation dentistry can also help you relax prior to the surgery.

How long will the procedure take?

Although tooth removal is an invasive procedure it can be done in a single appointment. Without any other treatment involved, it lasts for about 45 minutes or even less. 

Depending on the complexity of your case, you will either be attended by a dentist or an oral surgeon. 

During the treatment

During the wisdom tooth removal, here are some things that you can expect. 

To begin the procedure, the dentist will make an incision on the gums where the erupting wisdom tooth is. After getting clear access, they will carefully remove the tooth. If the tooth is big, the dentist will break it into smaller sections and remove them by pieces. That way, it’s easier to take them all out and clear the socket. 

If necessary, your dentist will stitch up the wound so it will heal up faster. Nevertheless, the extraction site will heal up on its own without stitch as long as it forms a blood clot. After that, they will apply gauze to cover the wound and manage the bleeding.


After the surgery, you will likely feel drowsy as the anesthetics slowly leaves your system. That’s why you should consider bringing an accompanying family or friend so they can drive you home. Leave the gauze on for a few more hours until the blood clot forms and be careful not to dislodge it. Refrain from returning to your normal routine or diet that might increase your blood pressure or disturb your recovery process.  

Expect a little pain from the wound after a few hours, however, some may feel little to no pain at all. If there is discomfort, it is just minimal although this may last for a few days. A little bit of swelling may also be present. You should take note that these are all normal. 

To manage pain and swelling, apply ice packs to the cheeks in the affected area. Do this until the pain subsides or you’re already more comfortable. If you must, take the medication prescribed by your dentist in managing the post-surgery pain. 

Your Thornhill dentist understands all your worries regarding wisdom teeth extraction. The important thing is you make the first step in saving your smile and your dental experts will take it from there.

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