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Gum Reduction


gum reduction or gum contouring. This procedure helps in shaping an uneven gum line and imparts a smile that you can be confident about. Gum reduction can be caused due to genetics, a health issue or because of certain medication. While most people undergo this procedure to improve their smiles, some people get it done because it may be a necessary procedure for them. It may take a few days or weeks to recover from gum contouring surgery and you have to follow your dentist’s instructions strictly.

Gum contouring is done mostly through laser treatment, which helps shape the gums by cutting away the excessively low lying gums to expose more of the teeth and improve one’s smile. Likewise, for patients with little and higher up gums, the teeth look longer than desirable. In such cases, tissues are extracted from other parts of the mouth and planted or placed over these teeth so as to make them look normally sized while increasing the size of the gums. With modern techniques like lasers today, gum contouring has become a near painless procedure.

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