Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry


The teeth on either side of the gap or missing tooth are taken as anchors and they are called abutments. The abutments are reduced in size and are covered
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Dental Bonding

This procedure takes about half an hour to one hour per tooth depending upon the complexity involved. This is the cheapest and easiest procedure to improve your smile.
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Gum Reduction

This procedure helps in shaping an uneven gum line and imparts a smile that you can be confident about. Gum reduction can be caused due to genetics,
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Inlays and Onlays

They are used to restore the molars, which have mild to moderate decay. They are also used for cracked or chipped teeth where it is not possible to repair them by crowns.
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Teeth Whitening

The first method involves visit to your dentist’s office where he or she will apply high concentration peroxide gel on your teeth for about an hour. This method produces significant
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Dental Veneers

The entire smile too can be made beautiful by applying on the whole set of teeth. In case of aged patients where the teeth have worn out veneers are an alternative available.
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