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Looking for a dentist who’s close to restaurants, retailers and right around the corner from you?  You’ll find our dentist on Yonge and Steeles where it all comes together.  Having a dentist in a location you visit often, for all types of services, can make your life simpler and more enjoyable.  Here are some of the fantastic community perks you’ll find near our dental office.


It’s always handy to have a nice restaurant nearby when you visit your dentist.  Perhaps you’ve had a cleaning and checkup in the afternoon and need to eat before you rush off to your next activity.  You’ll find what you’re looking for near your dentist on Yonge and Steeles.  From upscale spots to family restaurants, the area boasts many dining options.

  • North Restaurant – a Persian spot with an old-world vibe
  • Momoyama Japanese Restaurant – Japanese food at its best
  • The Octagon – upscale food and gracious ambience
  • Red Lobster – family seafood restaurant
  • SongCook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant – traditional Korean fare
  • Sababa Restaurant – Middle Eastern restaurant, grocery and bakery
  • Paramount Fine Foods – Middle Eastern eatery
  • Laterna Dining Room – relaxed Greek dining
  • Zaffron Restaurant – an unlikely pairing of Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines


Going to the dentist is always rewarding, but not always fun.  Why not combine your trip to the dentist with a stop at your favorite retail store? You can buy what you need, shop for life’s little luxuries or check out some big-ticket items near our convenient location.

  • Centerpoint Mall – indoor shopping center with big-name brands
  • Act II Fine Jewelry – get something sparkly for your sweetie
  • Ambrosia Natural Foods – healthy foods for your family
  • Dear-Born Baby – everything for babies
  • Toronto Home of Audiophile – audio systems and more
  • Just Hockey Source for Sports – for your active lifestyle
  • Hobby Home – start a new pastime
  • Toys R Us – lighten up the mood with playthings for the kids
  • Yonge Steeles Ford Lincoln Sales – treat yourself to a new ride

Community Amenities

You’ll find parks, historical sites, and galleries near our Yonge and Steeles location.  If you need to stop by a post office, there’s one a short walk away.  The Gouldring Community Center is here, too, with classes in activities as diverse as art, skating and yoga.  You and your child can learn more about playing basketball, golf and soccer from skilled instructors.  The community is a beautiful place to visit and return to over and over.

Your Dentist on Yonge and Steeles

Whether you stop by Yonge and Steeles shops and restaurants first or go there on your way home, you can have your dental work done without driving out of your way.  We offer a full range of dental services for you and your family, no matter what your ages or dental health.  We’re here to make your life more pleasant and convenient now and to help you keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life.

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