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It is essential to get to know your Thornhill dentist at World Dental. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. In addition to learning about their dental qualifications and experience, there are other things you should know about them. Find out what makes them unique and how they can help you with your oral health. 

Dentists provide a variety of dental services.

Dentists are well known for helping to promote good dental hygiene and to treat dental problems. In addition to these, they offer a range of dental services that ensure that you have a healthy mouth and teeth.

In case you are interested in learning more about a dentist’s job description, here are some examples of their tasks:

  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • Checking the progress of patients’ jaw and teeth
  • Educating people about oral health
  • Filling cavities

  • Restoration of damaged teeth
  • Dental assessment

Your dentist works with dental assistants, hygienists, and laboratory technicians as part of your dental team. They closely work together to provide you with quality dental care.  

They completed their education and training. 

After completing an undergraduate program, a dentist receives a bachelor’s degree, just as a medical doctor. Then, they will take a dental admission test to apply for dental school. Their training includes the following :

  • Completed two years of biomedical studies.
  • Clinical experience of two years
  • Obtaining a doctor of dental surgery or doctor of dental medicine degree
  • Passing the written and practical exams for the dental license

Additionally, dentists can choose their specialization. In this case, they have to complete a postgraduate residency between one and three years. 

Why should you visit them?

Your dentist is more than your oral health practitioner. They help you with your dental hygiene, toothaches and other dental issues. Here are some benefits of seeing a dentist that you can experience if you do not put off your dental appointments. 

  1. They can discover cavities early on and protect your teeth from decay.
  2. They can prevent gum disease.
  3. They can provide professional teeth cleaning.
  4. They can protect your overall oral health. 

Visit your dentist today

Whether you need a routine cleaning or more extensive treatment like tooth extraction, make an appointment with your Thornhill dentist to ensure optimum oral health and prevent unnecessary discomfort later on!


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