How Much is the Cost of Dental Sealants for Adults?

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There are two breakthroughs in tooth decay prevention: fluoride and sealants. Dental sealants  are protective plastic coatings that cover the teeth to prevent decay. However, sealants wear off, that’s why sealants need to be reapplied over the years. A Thornhill oral care practice is to start this treatment at a young age.

Dental sealants application procedure

Sealants are applied to the teeth’s chewing surfaces to prevent cavities and decay. This treatment is usually suggested for kids as soon as their first set of teeth erupt. Adults who have healthy teeth can also use this treatment for cavity protection.

The teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried. A slightly acidic solution is applied to make sure the sealant bonds properly onto the tooth’s surface. After which, the sealant is painted on every tooth. The sealant is clear and it easily blends with the color of your teeth.

What is the cost of dental sealants for adults?

A dental sealant may cost about $60 CAD per tooth. This amount is relatively inexpensive compared to other dental treatments. Most dental insurance covers the cost of sealants. Thornhill dental care provided by licensed professionals will always include preventive care. Dental sealants are one of the best preventive care treatment in the market.

Preventive care is the key to save on expensive dental procedures. After a sealant is applied on your tooth, it’s recommended to maintain your bi-annual dental visits. Sealants are lost gradually due to normal wear and tear. It’s important to visit your dentist regularly to check if there is a need for your sealants to be reapplied.

The cost of dental sealants for adults should never be an issue if you want longer lasting healthy teeth. As part of the Thornhill dental care, professionals always prioritize protecting your teeth from any further oral problems.

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