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Dental Sealants

dentist sometimes add a thin plastic film on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These sealants are extremely effective against tooth decay if applied properly. Bacteria and food such as candies or those laced with sugary syrup cause tooth decay. This type of food and bacteria is not able to penetrate the sealant or around the area over which sealant is applied. So as long as sealant remains intact, your teeth are safe. Your dentist can easily apply sealants over your teeth and it takes only a few minutes to perform a job over each tooth. Sealants are applied on the molars and pre molars of children as soon as these chewing teeth come out.

Mostly food gets stuck or lodged in the grooves and pits or the uneven surfaces of these teeth. Rarely sealants are applied on adults, but can be applied at any age to prevent cavities. The sealant is transparent or white or slightly tinted. It is a gel which is applied and it quickly dries up to form a plastic like film on the teeth. If they come off it can be applied again. On regular dental checkup visit the dentist can see if the sealant is intact or not.

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