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Reconnect With A Loved One Through Dental Bonding

by | Feb 28, 2019 | blog

Has it been such a long time since you have gone out and had fun with friends? If it isn’t some career-related reasons, you’re probably starting to feel anxious about your appearance. One factor to premature aging is the imperfection on your teeth. Good thing that dentists could already fix your broken tooth with dental bonding. This dental procedure is minimally invasive and is the least expensive method in improving your looks.

So, what other dental issues could bonding put a solution to?

How do your teeth make you feel awkward?

Aside from fractured teeth, dental composite bonding is best at treating the following:


Tooth decay is a primary dental problem that infects the tooth and leads to its damage. Dental fillings couldn’t repair severe damages that’s why dentists turn to tooth bonding. A dental bonding cost for a decayed tooth might vary depending on how extensive the restoration was.

Chips and cracks

You wouldn’t want your cracked tooth to keep your friend from getting distracted while you’re talking. That’s very embarrassing and it puts off the mood. Make sure that you visit your dentist before a reunion.


Years of habit with smoking and wine drinking will take a toll on your teeth. Most give teeth stains a poor impression and that might last for a while. Don’t be that hapless guy and let your dentist bond your teeth in order to whiten them!


Diastema, a natural condition where your teeth have a space between each other is often viewed as unattractive. If it makes you feel better to lose it, your dentist easily covers it with a tooth-colored dental bonding.


Short teeth are a result of a “gummy smile” or an excessive gum tissue and it’s also quite distracting. Your dentist could easily append a bonding material over your teeth and make them appear longer.

Amalgam fillings

Dental fillings are great restorative solutions to common teeth issues, however, the color of the material stands out. They look dark and appear grimy and that’s discouraging to an acquaintance. Ask your dentist if you could have a composite resin bonding instead.

Gum recession

When your gums recede or start to move away from the teeth, they expose your dentin which leads to teeth sensitivity. Paying for a dental bonding cost would be worth it than to keep on complaining while you’re out dining with friends. Take that gum bonding treatment for an amazing smile.

How does dental bonding improve your smile?

Now that you know that your dental issue is easily treated with tooth bonding, it’s time to understand how it works. To improve your smile, your dentist follows these steps during your dental appointment.

First, he chooses the color of the resin material that closely matches your natural teeth shade. He does this using a shade guide. After selecting the color, he prepares the material and puts it aside.

Next, he etches the tooth surface to make it rough. When the tooth is prepared, he applies the conditioning liquid to strengthen the adhesive.

Then, it’s time to place the putty-like dental bonding material on the tooth and shape it to an ideal tooth form and shape.

He then hardens the material permanently with the help of an ultraviolet light.

When the dentist sees the need to further polish the tooth, he will do so to his satisfaction.

The entire tooth bonding process may take 30 minutes to an hour for each tooth. If there’s a need to repair more than one tooth, you might have an extended time or a follow-up appointment.

How can you make the spark last?

Once you have your newly-restored teeth, make sure you flaunt it and socialize with your friends again. To keep the good times rolling, make sure you practice an optimum oral hygiene. On top of that, visit your dentist regularly for an in-depth dental checkup.

Make your that dental bonding cost counts every time you spend precious moments with your loved ones.

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