How A Simple Dental Bridge Helps You Live A Better Life

by | Mar 2, 2019 | blog

Are you tired of feeling unpretty because of the gaps in your smile caused by a few missing teeth? Do you feel like it’s time to let out the real you finally shine? Not to worry, your dentist can close off the gaps to help you regain your radiant smile. Patients with missing teeth can finally have their youthful glow back with a front teeth bridge. Yet, what exactly is a dental bridge and how does it work?

Basic facts about a dental bridge

It’s one of the several dental restorative options available for patients to replace their missing teeth. As the name suggests, the porcelain dental bridge connects the gap between the teeth caused by a missing tooth. It has three crowns– two of which are at both ends of the dental appliance. It serves as an anchorage or abutment to the healthy teeth next to the gap. Meanwhile, the middle crown acts as a pontic, or otherwise known as a false tooth. In this piece, we will further discuss its benefits and how it improves the patient’s quality of life.

Benefits of a dental bridge treatment

Enhances your appearance

dental bridge in Thornhill, Ontario restores more than just your smile. It also helps enhance your appearance by preventing the soft tissues around your mouth to sag. Restoring your smile makes you look beautiful and full of life. You’re finally able to take photos without feeling awkward or self-conscious.

Improves eating habits

Tooth loss affects your ability to eat some of your favorite dishes. Some even experience pain as their teeth slowly shift toward the gap between their teeth. Moreover, food debris tends to get stuck in the empty socket, causing the patient to develop gum damage. Patients can permanently alleviate the pain while they eat when they wear a dental bridge. Eating shouldn’t cause anyone pain. You may request for an appointment with your dentist so he can check your dentition.

Enhances speech

Losing multiple teeth makes it difficult for a patient to pronounce specific words or even cause them to speak with a lisp. A dentist may address the issue by placing a porcelain dental bridge on the tooth gap to help the patient express better. Your teeth play a crucial role on how you pronounce words. To know how it works, you may try reading aloud a few times. Notice the number of times your lips encounter your teeth.

Helps keep your face’s natural contour

Losing a couple of teeth may also cause patients to suffer from jawbone loss, thus affecting their facial features. Full bridge implants stimulate tooth roots which help protect their jawbone from further degeneration. Severe bone loss in the jaw area may result in additional teeth loss. Consequently, it will lead to a facial collapse which affects the natural shape of the patient’s face.

Protects the teeth from shifting

The roots underneath the surface of your gums hold your teeth in place while the rest of the teeth provide additional support. Significant tooth loss may cause the remaining teeth to tilt toward the gap, causing them to shift. The dentist may fill the space with a pontic by performing a dental bridge procedure to prevent it from happening. The remaining teeth will stop shifting toward the gap once the treatment is complete. Leaving it untreated will only make it worse and may even result to further tooth loss.

Undergoing a porcelain dental bridge procedure helps renew your smile. That’s why it’s best to set an appointment with your dentist to learn more about the process, its benefits, as well as its risk. Talk to your dentist to know if you’re the right candidate for the procedure. He’s ready to help you smile with confidence.

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