Digging Deeper Into The Dental Crown Procedure

by | May 18, 2019 | blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Health, Dental Services, general dentistry

Having a dental crown could be one of the smartest decisions you’ll be making for yourself. You might not know it, but, lots of positive reviews are affiliated with this treatment. Patients claim that tooth caps are very effective and true to their functions. It gets better from there, however, you have to hold your horses. First, you have to understand the structure of this prosthetic tooth.

What are dental crowns?


Every tooth has two basic parts — the root and the crown. The tooth root hides under the gums while the crown is the one you see on the surface. When the crown suffers damages, it could be treated with a dental crown procedure.


Tooth caps are in-demand for quite a plenty of reasons:

  • Substituting a large filling

Dentists use dental fillings to treat a damaged teeth with breaks and chips. Sometimes, when the damage involves a larger part of the tooth, fillings might not be enough. That’s where a dental crown becomes useful.

  • Covering after a root canal

A root canal treatment will leave a tooth with a hollow inside. This structure will be at risk to cracks and fracture so the dentist will suggest a tooth cap for protection.

  • Fixing broken cusps

Sometimes, cusps get broken either due to cracked tooth syndrome or an accident. Whichever the reason is, the surface needs to have a shield from the forces of chewing. A dental crown procedure will surely prevent further damage to the tooth.

  • Improving teeth appearance

Over time, your teeth will wear down even without decay or fracture. It just becomes smaller, discolored, and frail especially without practicing an oral regimen. Lots of cosmetic dental procedures are offered in the market and dental caps are leading in the list.

  • Replacing a lost tooth

Losing a tooth used to be such a big dilemma. Patients had difficulties in choosing the best option to restore their smiles. The problem also includes the complexity of the tooth crown procedure and its cost. Now, a dental crown could fix numerous dental issues, including a missing tooth.

How is a dental crown procedure done?

If you’re convinced that dental caps are the right treatment for your teeth issue, then good for you. Nevertheless, some factors might hold you back in pursuing this decision. If you’re worrying that crowns are costly, that depends on your dentist’s diagnosis. However, this service is pretty affordable especially if your insurance covers your dental bill.

If you’re having doubts about the Thornhill dental crown procedure, rest assured that it’s safe and painless. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what entails in this treatment.

  1. To ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the procedure, your dentist will give you an anesthetic first.
  2. If the tooth has had a root canal, the dentist will seal it first with fillings.
  3. He will contour the tooth and create an abutment — the intended shape so the crown will fit and hold on to it.
  4. Your dentist will have your teeth impression and shade, and will send these to the dental laboratory. That’s where they fabricate your permanent tooth crown.
  5. Before going home, you will have a temporary crown and that ends your initial dental crown procedure.

After a few weeks, you will return to the clinic for your permanent dental cap. Your dentist will ensure that it fits in with the rest of the teeth and that it’s comfortable.

Knowing this information will ease your worries and lift your confidence in having the procedure. Get in touch with your dentist now and see what other good things tooth crown has in store for you!

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