How Do I Know If I Have a Dental Emergency

by | May 15, 2018 | Dental Emergency, Dental Health, Dental Services, general dentistry, Health

Whenever one experiences trauma on the teeth or mouth, it’s normal to seek immediate help. A dental office offering dental emergency service Thornhill is a perfect solution if one is experiencing symptoms with the teeth, jaw, or tongue.

Dental Emergency: When to Go

Before calling the dental office for dental emergency service, ensure one is in dire need of immediate help. Here are important symptoms that indicate the need for dental emergency services:

  • Significant Teeth Damage

If one’s tooth is mostly or entirely removed from the socket or have huge chunks that are broken off, a dental emergency service is needed to save the fallen tooth. The tooth can be professionally secured or sealed back in place.

  • Infected Teeth

Just like other parts of the human body, teeth are also prone to infection. One will require the help of antibiotics to fight off infection. A dentist can schedule one for routine follow-ups to address the tooth decay or cavity.

  • Continued Mouth/Gum Bleeding

If bleeding of the mouth or gum continues for some time, a dental office offering emergency services can look into this to prevent potential blood loss and other complications.

  • Swollen Gums/Face

If one’s gums or face are swollen, then it could indicate an infection of the tooth and/or gums. It’s imperative to head to the dentist immediately to receive antibiotics and treatment to curb the spread of infection.

Making a Dental Appointment

If you happen to have one or more of these symptoms, then it’s important to seek help right away. A majority of dental offices these days are now offering dental emergency services. If the emergency occurs during business hours, head over to the dentist. If not, look for World Dental Clinic offices within the area that provide dental emergency services.

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