One-Time Dental Implants Procedure For A Lifetime Smile

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When you hear from patients that they’ve had dental implants procedure, it might not ring a bell immediately. Although it has been around with dentistry for quite some time now, most patients still find it an alien term. Suffice to say, only a few know what this dental appliance really is and what its advantages are. However, once you get to familiarize yourself with implants, you’ll realize it’s one of the revolutionary inventions ever made.

Dental implants

Generally, implants are used in science to replace missing structures in one’s body. It could be support or enhancement and it’s also applicable with dentistry. Dentists use titanium dental implants so patients may restore their lost tooth and bring back hidden smiles. It’s a metal post that is inserted in the missing tooth gap down into the gums. It serves as the tooth root replacement and its top is reserved to attach with crowns or dentures.

How long will the treatment take?

Typically, having a single tooth implant would take less than 2 hours in one dental appointment. This already includes the preparation time which is the dental exam and the application of anesthetics. However, it may still vary with each patient depending on other factors such as:

  • Number of missing teeth that need replacement.
  • The region or area of the missing tooth.
  • Other conflicting issues, such as those that need tooth removal.
  • Infection and other complications that need treatment first before having the dental implants procedure.

Furthermore, complex cases might also require more than a single trip to your dentist so, take note of this.

Will you endure the process?

Just like any surgical procedure, discomfort may be present. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure any of it with local anesthesia. It greatly helps patients to calm down during the process and stay relaxed until it’s over.

Just a heads up though, you might feel discomfort after your appointment as the anesthetic will start to wear off. Your dentist already knows this, that’s why you’ll be prescribed with medication to ease the uneasy sensation.

Dental implants procedure

To prepare you prior to the titanium dental implants treatment, the dental implant specialist will let you rinse chlorhexidine. It’s an anti-bacterial mouthwash that’s specially made for such an operation. This helps in preventing the risk of infection when the procedure is done. Another thing, make sure you no longer eat or drink after midnight if you opt for an IV sedation to avoid complications.

1. 1st phase

During your first visit to your dentist, he will administer the anesthesia around the area of the missing tooth. After this, he will attach the metal post in your gums by creating a hole on top of it. He ensures that the metal is in proper place as he will close the opening with a stitch. The first phase ends with this procedure to let the gums and bones heal and integrate with the titanium post.

2. 2nd phase

The next phase of the dental implants procedure happens on the next visit a few months after the initial appointment. This is to ensure that the osseointegration is successful. Although during this time, your dentist will open up the healed wound to expose the metal post. He will attach a small extension on top of it and take an impression. The dentist uses the impression to fabricate your dental crown.

3. Final step

Once the crown is finally made, you will return to the clinic to have your dentist attach it on your titanium dental implants. This completes your treatment since your tooth is already restored.

With your brand new tooth, you’re back to the normal grind. You don’t have to worry about food anymore, especially the hard ones. The dental implants in Thornhill are surely durable and are made from safe materials, just for you.

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