Dental Veneers: What Factors Influence its Cost?

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Health

Are you thinking of getting dental veneers to cover up damaged, stained or misshapen teeth?  If so, you’re probably wondering how much the veneers cost.  There is no one set price for getting veneers put on your teeth.  Your cosmetic dentist can provide you with a cost breakdown before you begin the treatment and explain any special fees involved.  Here are some of the factors that might influence how much you’ll pay.

Type of Dental Veneers

The type of veneers you choose makes a significant difference in the total veneers cost.  Porcelain veneers have an appearance that is indistinguishable from natural teeth.  They are a bit more expensive than composite resin veneers, but they are also more tooth-like in color and translucence.

Number of Teeth Covered

It stands to reason that the number of teeth that get veneers will influence your overall cost.  You don’t have to get veneers for all your teeth or even for all your visible teeth.  Because they have a tooth-like appearance, you can get just one veneer or just the number you need to cover discolorations, stains, irregular teeth or damaged teeth.  They won’t look out of place next to your other teeth, so you can opt not to have your dentist put veneers on teeth that already look fine.

Dentist Fees

Labor fees can vary greatly from dentist to dentist.  Some dentists charge more for cosmetic dentistry procedures than they do for other types of dental work.  Also, the dentist will need to do more preparatory work to place composite resin veneers.  If the composite resin veneers are made and placed by the dentist during the visit, it’s a very labor-intensive process.  On the other hand, if you have indirect veneers made off-premises, you’ll have to pay lab fees.

Fees for Additional Appointments

When you get the price breakdown for the dental veneers, additional appointments to check the veneers might be listed separately.  If they aren’t, be sure to ask your dentist if you’ll have to pay extra for these necessary appointments of if they’re covered in the stated veneers cost.

Your Insurance Coverage

The type of dental insurance coverage you carry will have a bearing on how much you pay out of pocket.  Some dental insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic dental procedures and products.  If you’re unsure of your coverage for dental veneers, look up your policy to be sure.  Then, follow up by calling your dental insurance carrier to ask any other questions you have about how much you’ll pay for your veneers.


Check out different locations where you might get veneers.  Having veneers placed on your teeth can cost more or less depending on the location of the dental office.  For example, getting veneers is typically more expensive in a large city than in a small town.  Instead of going by an average you hear or read about for the cost of dental veneers around the entire country, compare prices in the city where you live to get a more accurate range of veneers cost.

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