Professional Teeth Whitening For A Celebrity Smile Dream

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Professional teeth whitening is a procedure carried by a dentist to clean and whiten your teeth. Results can be seen in a very short amount of time. This method of teeth whitening has gained its popularity among patients who wish to whiten their teeth in an instant.

Over-the-counter tooth cleaning or whitening products do not always give you the desired results. 

The process of professional teeth whitening can be performed at the clinic or even at home. Generally, dentists use the method of bleaching your teeth with carbamide peroxide.

What it does is that it breaks the stain into smaller particles. As a result, this chemical reaction cleans and whitens your teeth. Nevertheless, this method is generally safe when done by an expert.

Observations of professional teeth whitening

An in-office professional teeth whitening treatment may not be a complicated process. However, it does need skill and a steady hand to be performed properly. Also, to avoid any injury to your gums, it’s recommended you have a reliable professional perform such a procedure on your teeth.

The whole process may take 30 to 60 minutes of your time. Moreover, using quality machinery and products can give you a beautiful finishing look.

In-office teeth whitening

Tooth discolouration, such as brown and black stains on teeth is one of the few reasons why you need a teeth whitening treatment. An in-office treatment consists of quality machinery and whitening agents. Before the treatment begins, the dentist will record the current state and appearance of your teeth to compare with the final result.

The dentist might ask for your dental history. Expect that he might want to know if you’ve had periodontal diseases and any treatment to fix it. The dentist will then resume taking all the safety measures required for the treatment.

Firstly, your teeth will be polished using a grainy material called pumice. This material helps remove the plaque on the surface of the teeth. The dentist may use retractors to keep your lips, cheeks, and tongue distanced and safe from the chemicals.

To keep your teeth dry throughout the process, a gauze will be used in your mouth. Finally, the dentist will coat all your teeth with the whitening solution. Carbamide peroxide will then act as the bleaching agent in cleaning your teeth.

A continuous laser or curing light exposure will be used to activate the bleaching agent. The patient will be asked to rest for 30 to 60 minutes with the applied solution in their mouth. After reaching the desired colour, the solution will be rinsed. Fluoride will be applied to protect the teeth that are sensitive.

At-home teeth whitening treatment

As an alternative to in-office professional teeth whitening treatment, the home procedure can also offer you the desired results. This option is less costly than treating yourself under expensive machinery.

There are numerous at-home whitening kits available in the market. however, it’s best to opt for the one your dentist recommends.

This method also requires a dental impression to make cups that are contoured to your teeth. The process of whitening your teeth at home may take an hour or more until you reach the desired shade.

This method is still better than using whitening products available at the pharmacies. However, if you ever went through periodontal surgery or had visited a gum specialist, you should consult a professional before going for an in-house professional teeth whitening treatment.

Knowing about whitening toothpaste

Some post-professional teeth whitening treatment habits can also include using whitening toothpaste in your dental hygiene routine. They don’t consist of carbamide peroxide; instead, they work on the surface using a variety of substances. Commonly, the chemical known as blue covarine is the primary substance in such a toothpaste.

The best whitening toothpaste has quality components in it. However, they work only after brushing your teeth. You may see your teeth looking wonderful after an entire day of eating and drinking. The reason is that the blue chemical helps in making your teeth appear white.

What are whitening strips?

Whitening strips are one of the over-the-counter products available for teeth whitening. They are made using traces of carbamide peroxide. They work by being applied to the teeth for a specific time depending on the product’s direction of use. For many, they are amongst the best teeth whitening solutions readily available.

Considerations for professional teeth whitening

Overall, professional teeth whitening is considered safe. Some after-treatment precautions are to be followed, though.

The minor side effects may include:

  •       You are likely to experience sensitive teeth. The after-effects may cause sensitivity to sweets, cold drinks, or ice cream. To treat sensitivity, dentists prescribe using products that have potassium nitrate.
  •       Irritating gums are also observed to be a side effect of teeth whitening. Gums suffer from scratches and irritation after the careless use of whitening products. This is likely to happen because some of the solutions end up coming in contact with the gum packets. Fortunately, such irritation doesn’t stay long.

Maintenance of professional teeth whitening

After undergoing successful professional teeth whitening treatment, your eating and drinking habits impact the longevity of the results. Your teeth may be negatively affected if you consume drinks instantly after treatment. 

Your oral hygiene plays a vital role in keeping the results intact.

Brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth right after meals can prevent discolouration. Beverages like coffee, soda, and tea can stain your teeth.

The takeaway

Do keep in mind that teeth whitening treatments are not permanent. After a while, you will need maintenance and consistent visits to the dentist to keep your smile bright.

Avoid smoking tobacco because nicotine harms your teeth and can leave hard stains. So does with eating food that has high-staining properties such as wine and berries.

Most importantly, professional teeth whitening treatment can only be done on natural teeth.

If you have implants, bridges, dentures or crowns, or other dental treatments, you should consult your Thornhill dentist before deciding for teeth whitening.

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