Common Injuries That Need Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

by | Jun 22, 2019 | blog, Dental Services, general dentistry

Accidents that lead to dental injuries happen at any given time, usually without warning. Both young and adults are prone to injuries and need emergency dental care. Although not all are sports-related, the percentage is higher for those who don’t wear mouthguards when they engage in sports.  

When a dental emergency strikes, you may be caught off guard and don’t know where to go for dental emergency services. Our emergency dentist in Thornhill can help you in a dental health-threatening situation. However, identifying the type of injury first will determine if it can wait for the dental clinic hours. If not, you need to rush the patient to the nearest medical facility for emergency dental care.

Types of dental injuries that need emergency dental care

Acute dental pain

Some patients don’t realize they have a tooth infection until it’s too late. They may experience swelling or redness in the infected area. The worst-case scenario is that they feel dental pain that doesn’t easily go away. In most cases, an abscess or pus in the gums is the culprit. Our emergency dentist in Thornhill provides dental emergency services, with professionals who can check and evaluate the cause of the pain. We can drain the abscess and prescribe medication for immediate pain relief. Then, when necessary, we may perform emergency root canal treatment to completely eliminate the infection and save the tooth from being removed. After the treatment, we will rebuild the tooth through the use of filling materials and is then closed with a dental crown to prevent infection from recurring. This will completely restore the tooth’s structure.

Knocked-off tooth

“Is there an emergency dentist open near me now?” 

In a maxillofacial injury, one of the common scenarios is a knocked-off tooth. If and when possible, try and gather the pieces of the damaged tooth and rush to the nearest dental clinic. You need emergency dental care to restore your tooth in the next two hours and prevent further infection. If the dental emergency happens beyond your dentist’s regular clinic hours, go to the nearest emergency care facility. An emergency dentist will check your gums and the damage of the tooth roots. The knocked-out tooth is rinsed and attempted to be pushed back into your socket. A composite resin material or metal brace is used to hold the tooth in place. Lastly, the emergency dentist will refer you to your dentist for aftercare, a possible root canal treatment, and complete tooth restoration.

Broken or cracked tooth

If you accidentally broke or cracked a tooth, our emergency dentist in Thornhill offers immediate dental emergency services. We can take a digital image of your teeth to see the severity of the damage, then use a filling material or dental crown to strengthen the structure of the tooth. This prevents infection as bacteria cannot penetrate on the roots of the tooth once the crack is sealed.

No matter how careful you are, dental injuries are bound to happen. The most important thing is to respond to the emergency appropriately. You may find yourself frantically searching for an “emergency dentist open near me now”. Act fast by seeking emergency dental services from World Dental in Thornhill, Ontario, rather than neglect your dental pain.

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