Factors Leading To Overall Dental Filling Cost in Thornhill

by | Dec 26, 2017 | general dentistry

Do you want to fix the damaged or misshapen teeth? If yes then probably the main question would be how to find the dental filling cost in Thornhill. There is no fixed price for filling or putting a crown on your teeth. You need to visit a dentist, and as per the conditions, he can give you the overall cost included in the process.

The following factors influence the cost and give you a better idea.

Dental filling types

The filling and covering chosen impacts the overall cost. Porcelain is close to the natural teeth but is more expensive as compared to the metal coverings. The positive attribute is the color contrast and translucence.

Total teeth covered

How many teeth need filling also impacts the cost. You do not need filling for all of your teeth only the damaged and painful will need treatment. The filling and crowns are close to your natural teeth and once in place are hard to differentiate. You will only pay for the teeth treated not for the rest of the teeth.

Dentist Fees

One dentist might charge more for filling and crowns as compared to the other dentists. The filling is not a small process; dentist has to arrange and place lots of things. If they are doing in the clinic, they will charge the labor fee and material fee. If you need a treatment outside the clinic premises, you may encounter some extra fee.

Additional Appointments fee

Sometimes filling is not done in just one appointment and thus by booking additional appointments, you are adding up the cost.


Your insurance will not always cover you fully, and it is best to ask insurance company that whether they are covering the dental filling cost in Thornhill or not.

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