Finding a Weekend Dentist

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Dental Health, Health

For many people, the work week can pass by in a blur. As soon as Monday arrives, the fast-paced and high-stressed daily grind begins. Once they get home, they may barely have enough energy left to stay awake. For many, it’s difficult or seemingly not feasible to get much else done from Monday to Friday. It may be that the weekends are the only time in which they are able to engage in other pursuits.

For a person like this, a nagging dental problem, is best dealt with during the weekend. Finding a weekend dentist poses another task to put on the “To-Do” list. Let’s try to make this task a bit easier, and help you find that great weekend dentist.

How to find a weekend dentist?

One thing you can do to find a weekend dentist is run a keyword search online. You’re going to need to make sure that the search terms you use narrow the results to what you’re looking for. It isn’t enough to simply search for a dentist in your city. You’ll probably want to use ‘dentist’ and ‘weekend’ in conjunction with your geographic location.

Thankfully, we’re reaching a point where many medical professionals understand the importance of having an online presence. For some dentists, this may take the form of a traditional dental clinic website. However, they also might have a blog where they provide useful dental information. The dentist might also have accounts on various social media sites. Maybe she posts relevant photos on Instagram. Or maybe he provides useful dental links via Facebook or Twitter. You can check these sites or pages for information on clinic hours, to see if the dentist provides dental services on Saturdays or Sundays.

Also, keep in mind that it isn’t just the dentist who’s posting information online. There may also be posts from current or past patients and staff. A patient might write about his experience on his own blog, in a forum, or on social media. Someone might have written information about the dental clinic in a Google Maps entry, Foursquare recommendation, or some similar site. Sometimes these entries or tips contain information regarding operating hours. So keep these in mind when you perform your online search.

Another thing to consider is that certain dental associations or dental teaching institutions may also post directory information on dentists. For example, a dental association may be managing a directory of active dentists in a particular location. Such a directory may contain office hours, an address, and contact information. If you can find a directory like this for your area, you can do a quick skim to check which entries show office hours during the weekend. Now, it’s possible that the directory won’t be available online. But it could be available in hard copy form, and be included as part of a dental publication or similar trade journal. Feel free to check those out as well.

If no one in your close social circles can recommend a weekend dentist, you can reach out to other people online. For instance, if there is an online forum for your city, you could create a thread asking about whether anyone can offer a recommendation regarding a weekend dentist. Or if your city has its own subreddit on Reddit, you can post that kind of inquiry there too.

In your search look for relevant and positive feedback, as well as credible sources in order to arrive at a decision you’re happy with. There are many people out there ready to make a connection and share their happy experiences with you.

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