How Long Does it Take to Get Teeth Implants?

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The time it takes to get teeth implants can vary between individuals based on their specific need and the severity of their dental condition. There are three different phases involved in the process and it typically takes anywhere from five to eight months for the entire process to be completed.

Phase 1 of Teeth Implants

The initial phase includes evaluating the individual’s situation, overall dental health and need for implants and preparing for the following phases. Early visits involve taking x-rays and determining the health of the jaw bones to see if grafting is necessary. The first phase can take between 3 and 6 months depending on how long teeth have been missing and how much, if any, bone loss has occurred.

Phase 2 of Teeth Implants

During the second phase, the artificial root is surgically put into place. The procedure will take between one to two hours in most situations and it must be allowed time to completely heal before moving on to the next phase. The area around the implant has to heal and merge with the bone tissue around it. This is critical since it will need to be able to stand up to lots of chewing later. You will be given a temporary prosthesis to hold the space while you wait for it to heal. Depending on your overall health, healing usually takes between two and six weeks before you’re ready for the final phase.

Phase 3 of Teeth Implants

During the third and last phase, the dentist will make an impression of your mouth. This is sent out to a dental lab which will use it to make the new crown(s) that fits the size and shape of your mouth and matches the color of your other teeth. Once the dentist receives the crown back from the lab, they will make sure it is going to fit properly and they can make any adjustments necessary. The crown is permanently placed on the post, or artificial root that was implanted in the second phase. This phase will require two visits normally and they will occur about two weeks apart.

What if I need more than one implant?

If you are missing adjacent teeth, the dentist may replace them one an individual implant for each tooth, or he may join two or more implants together. For those who are missing multiple teeth, this can make it more affordable. If you are missing your back teeth, or molars, you’ll need to replace them since they are responsible for chewing your food. These teeth put the power in your bite by grinding and crunching your foods. Your front teeth are not made to work that hard and they can become damaged over time because of the added stress. Teeth implants are ideal if you are missing more than one tooth, do not like dentures, have a failing bridge or do not have enough teeth to support a bridge.

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