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How to Find a Low Cost Dental Implant

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Emergency, Dental Health, Uncategorized

Dental implant costs can be expensive, but it is one of the most highly recommended treatment for tooth replacement. It is favorable in most cases to some of the other options. It is considered one of the least invasive treatments and helps preserve the patient’s facial structure. The price may depend on the dental care provider and the region you live in.

Why should I consider getting expensive implants?

With other valid options out there, why should you worry about finding low cost dental implants? There are several important advantages that you’ll get from dental implants. These are the advantages implants have over other traditional treatment options:

  • Prevent bone loss
  • Last substantially longer
  • Increased stability
  • Won’t slip when eating or talking
  • Natural look and feel


What types of things affect dental implant costs?

There are several factors that can determine how much dental implants will cost. The price goes up the more detailed the work that needs to be done. For instance, if you need a bone graft, or a sinus lift to accommodate the implant, costs can go up more.  One of the primary factors is the type of material that is used to make the implants and the artificial tooth that is placed. It can also be affected by the types of equipment the dental professional uses including x-rays and CTs. CTs are typically more accurate, and considered to be more modern, but x-rays are less costly. Lab costs are also included in the price of implants. Lab technicians have to create the crown so you’ll have to pay for their expertise and their labor. This will vary between dental clinics.

Besides paying for the technical side of things, the condition of your mouth and teeth will also affect dental implant cost. Your age, oral hygiene, as well as the anatomy of the jaw bone will have an effect on how much work will need to be completed.

How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

When you are considering a dental professional for your implant procedure, it’s important to think about what costs are going to be shuffled down to you. In order to keep the procedure affordable, you can check to see if the dentist you choose is in your insurance plan. That can save quite a bit of out of pocket expense up front. You’ll also need to research what your co-pay will be.

Discuss payment options with the dentist before you schedule your implant procedure. In many cases, they will offer payment plans to help you pay off the remaining portion that’s not covered by insurance. You may also want to check with them to see if they take cash, credit cards, debit cards or personal checks. This should all be determined prior to scheduling the procedure. While this may not reduce the overall cost passed on to you, it can make it easier to fit it into the household budget.

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