The Importance of Maintaining Good Dental Health

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Getting together with friends, attending celebrations year-round are a great way to socialize and enjoy some “down-time” from the usual stresses of life. However, this also usually involves eating foods like candy, cakes, pastries, and other treats that you wouldn’t normally consume. Therefore it is very important for people of all ages, including children, to maintain good oral hygiene.

Not maintaining healthy teeth can lead to all types of unappealing disorders, from stained teeth to gingivitis. These problems do not only affect your self-esteem. They also require major treatments, and this means paying out a lot of money.

Bad oral hygiene results in bad breath, which is again an embarrassing, yet common, problem. Bad breath can really affect your love life as well as cause embarrassment in social gatherings. Bad breath is caused by bacteria on your teeth and tongue. To avoid this situation, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and use a tongue scraper to remove any remnants of food. Use of alcohol-free mouthwash and flossing also helps. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods that are natural tooth cleaners, like apples, helps in preventing bad breath. If the problem continues, it would be wise to see a dentist.

Not taking good care of your teeth will not only result in serious dental problems. It can also lead to some serious dental bills! Purely cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening don’t cost too much. However, if you have badly damaged teeth, which have cavities or are highly infected, you can expect expensive treatments. If you have several teeth that are damaged, treatment costs become higher, as such treatments are time-consuming. There is also a chance that the problem will recur, unfortunately.

Here are a few good dental practices to follow:

  1. Brush your teeth after meals. If that is not possible, brush at least twice daily, especially at night.
  2. Ensure that your child has brushed his or her teeth. Supervise their regime for them until they are old enough to do a good job on their own.
  3. At least once a day, floss your teeth. Flossing ensures removal of food in areas where it is hard to reach with a brush. This helps in removing plaque as well.
  4. Using a topical fluoride via toothpaste or any fluoridated water will help to strengthen tooth enamel. This increases resistance to the tooth decaying process, and makes it more resistant to any acidic attack.
  5. See your dentist on a regular basis. This is important, as dentists will be able to detect any dental problem before it worsens.
  6. A proper diet is important for healthy teeth. Avoiding foods and drinks high in sugar goes a long way in helping you avoid tooth decay.

Smile confidently knowing that you understand the importance of maintaining good dental health.

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