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The Consequences of Poor Oral Health

by | Jun 9, 2015 | daily lfe, Dental Health, Health

Poor Oral Health

Taking good care of your oral hygiene is a very significant thing to do in order to be able to maintain excellent health overall. Unbeknownst to many, oral health is a determining factor in your physical health.

Having poor oral health can lead to other severe ailments like heart disease and stroke. Take a look at some of the health problems associated with your dental condition:

Soreness of the Mouth and Face

The source of mouth and facial pain may be attributed to gum infection which can also lead to the loss of teeth. According the Office of the Surgeon General, gingivitis and other gum ailments affect over 75% of the American population.

Heart and Several Organ Troubles

A lot of major organs in the body will be influenced by various infections in the mouth. Bacterial endocarditis (a condition that has a severe effect on people with an existing illness related to the heart), for example, can inflame the heart and its valves.

Difficulty with Digestion

If you have problems with your mouth, often it will lead to the failure of the intestines, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. Digestion starts with the mouth, so it’s best to uphold a good oral health routine in order to ensure the function of the rest of your digestive system.

The mouth is the body’s entryway for food and nutrients. If your oral health is not at its best, the rest of you, unfortunately, can’t be either. Develop good oral hygiene habits, and see your dentist regularly!

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