Porcelain Veneers Cost in Thornhill North York

by | Jul 17, 2018 | blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

A porcelain veneer is another way to improve your teeth’s aesthetics. It enhances your smile and may be a better option than getting a dental crown. It is a thin cement covering that is glued to the tooth to cover imperfections such as a chip, a discoloration or a stain. They are custom made to fit the color and contours of your tooth. A lot of dentists recommend porcelain veneers cost Thornhill as they are easier to put and less intrusive.

The most common material used for veneers is porcelain and can last anywhere between 10-20 years. In most cases, a veneer will require two visits to the dentist, wherein during the first visit, your dentist in Thornhill Ontario will take an impression of your teeth and have the lab technician work on it. On your second visit, will be gluing the veneer on the tooth. There are times though that if your dentist is working with a prefabricated veneer, you will only have to visit once, as the dentist will only work on light curing the veneer to attach it to all surfaces and polish it for a comfortable fit.

Regularly, a porcelain veneer can cost quite closely anywhere from $800-$2,000 depending on the complexity of the fitting and if there may be other procedure along with it as well. Since veneers are considered as a cosmetic procedure, they may not be covered by your dental insurance. However, there may be exceptions if the procedure is considered as a restorative procedure due to a fracture or a broken tooth.

Before you decide on whether you want to get a veneer, visit your dentist first and they can give you options you have as there are also different kinds of veneers, ranging from the removable veneers, to permanent and clip on veneers.

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