Prevention of Gum Diseases by Regular Dental Check Up

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Gum Diseases

Gums have the function of supporting and protecting our teeth, and unhealthy gums may result in the loss of our teeth. Despite this, millions of people worldwide suffer from some form or other of gum disease due to ignorance and negligence. Many people believe if they keep good dental hygiene, they will not be susceptible to tooth decay and gum diseases. However, these diseases usually start in the hidden unreachable corners of our mouth, making them difficult to reach while brushing. These places are prone to plaque or tartar formation, which is basically hardened mouth bacteria. This is just the first stage of gum diseases. This plaque, when left untreated, results in gingivitis or inflammation of the gums, bad odor and taste in the mouth, gum bleeding, sores and a receding gum line. Negligence of these symptoms may result in the loss of teeth and bone, and will require surgery which is not only inconvenient, but also expensive.

Here’s how a regular dental visit can help in preventing gum diseases:

  • Educating the patient: Dentists can guide you through the process of better dental care to prevent plaque formation and gingivitis. They can also point out any lifestyle factors that are contributing to gingivitis, for example, the use of tobacco, smoking, stress, grinding or clenching of teeth, etc. They can also explain the relation between gum disease and any chronic illness that you may be suffering from, and how to manage the situation.
  • Cleaning and scaling: Getting your teeth cleaned professionally by a dentist every six months, or more frequently if required, reduces the risk of gum diseases greatly.
  • Treatment Plan: Your dentist is in the best position to understand your family and medical history, and relate it to your risk for tooth and gum diseases. As such, he/she can make a treatment plan keeping your special needs in consideration.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that everyone should get an oral health examination twice a year, or more often if your dentist recommends it.

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