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Reasons To Take Your Kids To Pediatric Dentist

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Dental Health, Health

Pediatric dentistry is the branch that deals with dental health for children right from the time of their birth through their adolescence. Pediatric dentists go through, of course, the first four years of the child’s development, ensuring that their teeth are healthy and strong. They also guide the parents on how to establish the habit of maintaining good dental hygiene with their children. They’ll begin from the time they get their baby teeth to the time they lose them, and get their permanent teeth.

Many adults avoid a dental visit, and delay seeking treatment of dental issues until the time it becomes totally unavoidable. The fear of the dental drill is common even in grownups, and they tend to pass it on to their children unfortunately. However, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children must visit a dentist either by their first birthday, or within six months of the appearance of the first tooth.

Why is it important for a child to visit a pediatric dentist?

  • Pediatric dentists spend an additional two years of residency training in dentistry for infants, children, and teens. As such, they are better prepared to handle children and are sensitive to their needs. Taking children to see a dentist at a young age helps in building a special relationship between them, which establishes trust and alleviates fear.
  • Sugary sweets and chocolates pose a problem on oral health, and inevitably lead to tooth decay. Studies suggest that early childhood caries is a lot more common than asthma and hay fever in children. Regular oral examination means early detection of the signs of decay as well as the prevention of complicated treatment.
  • Regular dental visits during childhood also help in building awareness about the importance of maintaining oral health among children and young adults. The pediatric dentist is able to spot aberrant habits in their patients, and encourage them to modify such habits by educating them regarding the consequences.
  • Pediatric dentists understand the importance of preventive care for small children, and are able to take the parents through the basics of dental care, the impact of pacifier habits, the prevention of injury to teeth and gums of children, etc.

There are many good pediatric dentists in the North York area. They provide a gamut of oral health care services to their young patients. Some of them are listed below:

  • Oral Examination: The dentist will always examine the infant’s teeth in order to assess the risk of caries.
  • Habit Counseling: The dentist counsels the child and parents on habits like thumb and finger sucking, and using a pacifier.
  • Preventive care: The dentist does a thorough teeth cleaning, to prevent plaque build-up. The dentist will also repair tooth cavities, if any, and correct improper bite problems.
  • Diagnosing other oral problems: Diseases like hay fever, diabetes, congenital heart defect, behavioral disorders, etc. may have an impact on oral health. The dentist is able to diagnose these issues, and guide parents through the required course of action.
  • Treating injuries: Falls while playing or small accidents around the house are common among children. A pediatric dentist is well-trained to handle damage to teeth and gums arising out of these situations.
  • Other treatments: Pediatric dentists are able to manage oral diseases like abscess, mucoceles, pediatric periodontal disease, etc.

Most children hate the confines of a doctor’s clinic, and that of a dentist’s, even more so. A pediatric dentist ensures that the ambience and dental equipment is such that it inspires confidence in the child, or at least distracts the child to allow proper examination. Contact a qualified pediatric dentist in the North York area for your child’s first dental visit!

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