Detailing Your First Root Canal Therapy Experience

by | Jul 6, 2019 | blog, Dental Services, general dentistry

Usually, when patients have teeth infection, dentists recommend root canal treatment. This procedure aims to remove the disease in the tooth and put an end to dental pain. If the patient refuses or delays treatment, the discomfort and infection could become worse. Furthermore, it poses risks to the neighbouring teeth as the decay spreads. 

It’s normal to feel anxious, especially if it’s your first time to have a root canal procedure. Rest assured, dentists now have better techniques and tools to help you achieve that pain-free smile. Dental tools with laser tips provide accuracy, eliminating mess and discomfort on dental procedures. 

What happens during a root canal procedure?

Most root canal therapy sessions require two visits to your dentist. The first one entails your checkup and the next visit is for your treatment. Both of these appointments only take an hour at most, especially if your dental clinic already has the latest dental technology. 

  • Taking a dental X-ray. To begin the therapy, your dentist will first determine where the infection lies and how severe it has become. He will take an X-ray of your teeth to see the underlying problem. 
  • Getting you relaxed. The next step of your root canal procedure is to give you an anesthetic. Although the infection has killed the pulp in your teeth, the anesthetic could still help to make you feel more comfortable. Some patients may not help their anxiety even with anesthetics, that’s why some dentists also offer sedation dentistry. 
  • Isolating the affected site. Once you’re at ease, your dentist may now start working on the tooth and then isolate it using a rubber dam. The rubber dam covers the other parts of your parts to avoid saliva and other debris to obstruct the site. 
  • Accessing the tooth. After clearing the area, your dentist uses his dental tool to access your tooth. Most clinics now use laser-tips to create the hole on the top of the tooth and perform root canal therapy. The method is less distressing for the patient and also easier for the dentist. 
  • Removing the infection. This time, he is ready to remove the disease. Using a dental file, he removes the dead pulp and other tissues that are causing the infection. 
  • Polishing the tooth chamber. Since the chamber is still susceptible to bacterial growth due to its rough walls, your dentist will smoothen them. He also uses dental files for this root canal procedure.
  • Sealing for protection. After that step, he flushes the debris from the chamber with water and prepares it for filling. Some dentists may suggest that you wait a week before your tooth is permanently sealed because it still needs to heal. Nevertheless, he will place a temporary filling on your tooth in case you will need the second option. 

When you’re done with your root canal therapy in Thornhill Ontario you may need to consider dental restorations. This dental procedure will let you regain that strong and attractive smile.

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