Are You The Right Candidate For IV Sedation Dentistry?

by | Jun 29, 2019 | blog, Dental Services, general dentistry

Sedation dentistry has a significant contribution to most dental practices. With this, more dentists have successfully administered dental procedures and treatments to their patients. Through this procedure, patients can remain calm, relaxed, and comfortable during the procedure.

“Is there a dentist open near me that offers this type of treatment?” At World Dental, we proudly offer IV sedation dentistry to those patients who need it.

There are three types of sedation that dental professionals administer to their patients.

Today, more dental practitioners commonly use nitrous oxide and oral sedation, especially for tooth extraction in Thornhill, Ontario. On one hand, not all dental clinics incorporate IV sedation in their practice. Read on to learn more about this type of sedation and find out whether you are best suited for this.  

What is IV sedation dentistry?

Also known as conscious sedation, this type of sedation dentistry is administered through the veins. In this method, the patient is not asleep, yet, he is not fully aware of what’s happening while the procedure is ongoing.

Dentists need to undergo advanced training before they can administer IV sedation dentistry to their patients. That’s why not all dental care providers use this method of sedation. Meanwhile, those who administer IV sedation consider the patient’s safety by giving the right dosage of sedative. Since it goes through the patient’s veins, the effect kicks in immediately.

Who are good candidates for IV sedation dentistry?

More often, dentists reserve Intravenous sedation dentistry to those who are extremely anxious to undergo any type of dental procedure. Furthermore, here are some characteristics and scenarios that need IV sedation.

  • Patients who had a previous traumatic dental experience
  • Those who do not respond to local anesthetics
  • A patient who has an excessive gag reflex
  • Patients with hypersensitive teeth
  • Those who need to undergo a complex dental procedure
  • A patient who does not have much time to complete a dental procedure

How to prepare for IV sedation dentistry

During your treatment planning, your dentist will already say what type of sedation he will administer. When he decides to administer IV sedation dentistry for the treatment, you need to follow specific instructions prior to your scheduled visit.

  1. You should not eat or drink eight hours prior to the procedure.
  2. Ask someone to take you to the clinic and drive you home after the procedure.
  3. Free up your schedule after your visit to the clinic to give your body a good amount of rest.
  4. Heed your dentist’s instructions about your intake of medicines as he may have specifics before and after the procedure.

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