Illuminate Your Smile Through Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Teeth whitening treatment is the needed resolution to address teeth discoloration. However, most patients tend to have low regard for going through this procedure. They think that maintaining good oral practice would be enough, not realizing that their teeth have accumulated stains through time. 

Now, more dentists offer cosmetic procedures that instantly deliver the most desired results. Teeth whitening in Thornhill provides different options for all their patients to attain an illuminating smile.  

Laser dental whitening is one of the modern ways that your dentist uses to achieve instant whiter teeth. It uses an advanced light technology that activates the hydrogen peroxide to break down the teeth stains. Now, it’s the most popular cosmetic dental procedure for a patient’s smile makeover.  

Why do people choose to undergo teeth whitening?

Everyone wants to have a white and natural-looking smile. However, we live in a world filled with foods and other factors that easily stains our teeth. Although it may be true, several products in the market promise great results in just a few weeks. 

A lot of patients have their reasons for wanting a set of beautiful white teeth. Others see it as an epitome of a healthy and youthful glow. They believe that they tend to look younger when they naturally smile compared to those with neutral facial expressions. Meanwhile, others look at it as a way for them to be able to smile with confidence. While some see it as a reflection of how well they manage their oral health. 

Since good oral health reflects a patient’s overall health, whitening may be the best reason to show everyone how dedicated you are with managing yourself.

Causes of teeth discoloration

  • Smoking
  • Coloured beverages such as carbonated drinks, coffee, and tea
  • Bad oral care
  • Ageing may also affect the quality of the colour of your teeth as the enamel gets thinner over time 

Only the teeth whitening treatment effectively removes the accumulated stains on the teeth. Knowing the best cosmetic option that works for you entails a dental visit. Your dentist will prepare you for the treatment and discuss the two whitening treatment options thereafter. 

Preparation for teeth whitening

Your orthodontist needs to do further examination prior to the treatment. He identifies the issues that you may have such as tooth sensitivity. Laser teeth whitening may amplify the sensitivity of the tooth, which makes dental evaluations a necessity. Receding gums and tooth decay are among the other issues that need further evaluation. Regular dental cleaning at least one week before going through the cosmetic procedure is also necessary. 

Ways to have a teeth whitening treatment

In-office treatment

Before suggesting a Zoom in-office treatment, your dentist needs to reach a proper prognosis to ensure you have excellent oral health. He or she will also speak with you about your oral hygiene practice, as well as your lifestyle habits, to determine if the treatment is right for you. Once it is established that you’re a candidate for Zoom teeth whitening procedure, we will begin a short preparation to cover your lips and gums. 

Soon after, the dentist applies the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your exposed teeth. The gel works well with the Zoom light to deeply infiltrate the teeth and dissolve the stains that cause the discoloration. The dentist will leave the gel for 15 minutes while the Zoom light is still on. The entire treatment time takes at least 45 minutes to complete. Patients who have anxiety or strong gag reflex may find it difficult to undergo the procedure.

At-home treatment

For at-home whitening, your dentist will create a mould that will hold the whitening gel. The mould will fit precisely on your dental arches. Some whitening kits are also available for purchase at pharmacies. These kits provide you with trays and whitening gel that you may use to perform the treatment. 

If you are in need of a quick solution to your teeth discolouration, laser teeth whitening is the most viable option as the laser light speeds up the activation of the whitening agent. To know more about this procedure, you may visit your local teeth whitening dentist for advice.

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