Thornhill Advanced Gum Treatment Vs Traditional Gum Therapy

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Your gums play a vital role in keeping the roots of your teeth protected from bacteria buildup. If your gums get infected, it may cause you dental pain and teeth loss.

Fortunately, the Thornhill advanced gum treatment helps you restore your gums and teeth into function without feeling the discomfort. It uses a laser technology that is painless compared to the traditional methods of cutting and stitching the gums.

A dentist in Yonge Street compares an advanced or laser gum treatment with the old technique.

Thornhill advanced gum treatment vs traditional gum therapy

  1. Traditional gum therapies take more than four visits, with about two hours on each session. But, Thornhill advanced gum treatment can complete the process in just two sessions at most.
  2. The old methods of treating periodontal disease would require the use of scalpels and dental elevator to access the gums. Laser gum treatment is better according to the dentist in Yonge Street because of fiber optic light. It uses energy absorption to get rid of the bacteria that it’s barely felt by the patient.
  3. The dental steel scaler is used to scrape off tartar and plaque. With the advanced gum treatment, an ultrasonic scaler is used. A sound wave will be produced to engage the laser so it easily breaks up the surface debris on the tooth.
  4. With the Thornhill advanced gum treatment, the ultrasonic laser is inserted again into the gum pocket for a final cleaning of the tissues and the bone. This will allow the gums to easily heal and reattach to the teeth. The process is the same with the traditional scaling and planing.
  5. Before laser technology, patients go through a difficult recovery. Now, because of advanced techniques, gums heal in less than 24 hours.

The dentist in Yonge Street can accommodate inquiries about the laser gum treatment. Avail of the latest technology in treating your gums at the World Dental Clinic now!

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