Thornhill Composite Bonding Cost: Is It Worth The Price?

by | Dec 18, 2018 | blog, Dental Health, general dentistry, Thornhill dental services

More options are now available to patients in order to restore their broken smiles. One great treatment to damaged teeth is dental bonding. The Thornhill composite bonding cost varies because every patient has unique dental visit experiences. If the dentists see the need of other dental procedures before a bonding, that’s another item on the bill.

If patients don’t want to spend more than what they can afford, they can talk about payment plans with their dentist. At World Dental Clinic, they give 10% off Seniors dental care.

What happens during dental bonding?

Prior to the procedure, the dentist prepares the teeth by putting a rubber dam around it. Next, he applies a phosphoric acid solution on the teeth surface for etching. The solution helps the adhesive and composite material to bond properly on the tooth.

The materials used during the Thornhill composite bonding cost CAD 300 per tooth on the average.

In less than a minute, he removes the phosphoric acid and replaces it with a bonding agent. He then applies the putty-like resin on top of the broken tooth and reshapes it. To finish his work, the dentist uses a dental polisher to give the new tooth a natural and shiny look.

With the 10% off Seniors dental care, every elderly smiles without worries.

Advantages of dental bonding


Dental bonding is a non-invasive dental treatment to teeth cracks and breaks. Moreover, it doesn’t require any surgery or any painful process that uses sharp dental tools. The entire process finishes in an hour at most, so patients only need to have a single dental visit.


The procedures and materials involving the Thornhill composite bonding cost around CAD 300 to CAD 600. It’s the least expensive among the similar restorative dental procedures. Also, most clinics now consider payment plans and insurance to help lower the dental bill.  

Like in World Dental Clinic, there’s a 10% off Seniors dental care so they’re not behind any social gatherings.  



The dental bonding materials are susceptible to cracks and stains. If a patient enjoys a hot coffee to start his morning, he needs to limit it. High temperature and food coloring can easily damage the tooth bonding.

Coffee and tobacco have high staining properties so it’s also damaging to the new dental bonding.

Most dental therapies have drawbacks if a patient misses his dental aftercare. So, any dental procedure is worth its price if the patients diligently follow their dentist’s instructions after the treatment.

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