The Cost of A Dental Crown

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Cosmetic Dentistry, general dentistry

If your tooth is severely damaged and is beyond repair, is there still a way to save it? Dental crowns can restore your teeth. How much does a tooth crown cost? Is there a dental clinic in Thornhill that offers an affordable dental crown procedure? These are some of the questions we aim to answer for you.

Removing your damaged tooth is the last resort if it is beyond repair. Your dentist will check all possible ways to restore it and dental crowns are one of the many treatments available.

Dental crowns protect damaged teeth by providing a more durable chewing surface. It is placed on top of the tooth and encases its crown. Aside from its cosmetic purpose, it also restores your tooth’s functionality.

A tooth crown cost varies and depends on two things:

  1. Type of material to be used – A dental crown can be made of ceramic, porcelain fused to gold or porcelain fused to metal etc.
  2. Geographical Area – The geographical area where the treatment will be performed is a considerable factor in determining the cost of the treatment.

A typical dental crown may cost you about $4000. There are materials and areas that cost higher than the average for a dental crown. World Dental Clinic, a dental clinic in Thornhill could give you more accurate price quotations.

Choosing a dental clinic is a big factor in getting a reasonable tooth crown cost. You may also check with your insurance if they will cover the dental procedure amount. The World Dental Clinic in Thornhill offers flexible payment terms that you will find easy to pay out.

Remember that dental crowns are customized for you and with proper oral care regimen, they can last a lifetime.

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