Emergency Dentists: How to Find One in North York

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Do you live in the North York area and have an urgent dental care need?  Or do you want to be prepared if an emergency happens?  If so, it’s time to find the top emergency dentists in North York.  Base your selection on important features of their dental practice, and you’ll be prepared if and when you need immediate dental care.


The top emergency dentist in North York have accessible hours for people who have dental emergencies.  Ask any dentist you’re considering using how quickly they can get you in for an appointment when you have a dental injury or critical dental need.  Even if the office isn’t open, some dentists will come in when immediate care is crucial to your dental health.


It’s important to have an emergency dentist in North York if you live, work or participate in sports and fitness activities in the area.  Sometimes, you don’t have time to make a long drive to the dentist when you have an urgent need for treatment.  Other times, you’re in too much pain to make that long trek.

Diverse Training and Experience

You never know what kind of emergency you might have in the future.  An emergency dentist with training and experience in a variety of different specialties can help you with any emergent need.  Whether your gums are injured, you’ve knocked out a tooth or a veneer has been ripped away from your tooth, you can get the care you need from a dentist who practices periodontal therapy, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and other specializations.

Excellent Reputation

When you’re in an emergency situation, it’s often hard to find out the reputation of a dentist.  You want a dentist who is well-respected in the community and trusted by his or her patients.   If you need care immediately, take a few moments to check out reviews on the dentist.  Be aware, however, that reviews are only as reliable as the people who write them.

Therefore, it’s better to do your research ahead of time, asking friends, neighbors and coworkers and checking out patient testimonials.  Don’t just think about whether the person’s impression of the dentist is negative or positive, but listen for details that can guide you in finding the best emergency dentists in North York.

Alternative Arrangements

What happens if the dentist is unavailable?  No dentist can guarantee they’ll be on call every moment of every day. There may be times when the emergency dentist you choose is out of town, ill or busy with another emergency. If you’re looking for a dentist to provide future emergency services, you need to know what the dentist will do during those times. Many emergency dentists have arrangements with colleagues who step in for them when they aren’t available. Ask any dentist you are considering who they will send you to in these situations, and check out that dentist’s reputation as well.

It’s always wise to think about and plan for future needs like emergency dental care.  If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you don’t have time to plan ahead. Do some quick research, call the dental office and ask questions, and get to the dentist as quickly as possible!

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