Upgrade Your Looks With The Ceramic Braces Treatment

by | May 4, 2019 | blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Services

Every day you look at your mirror with less excitement because you only see the same person as usual. However, one day you will realize that you’re not the best version of yourself yet. The real challenge of change always starts within. So, start having that positive outlook in life and let ceramic braces help you get on the road to self-improvement.

The ceramic type of dental braces is a newer model of orthodontic technology to give patients beautiful smiles. Yes, metal aligners are quite living up to its name. Nevertheless, its evolution is also paving its way in dentistry. In fact, comments about this latest treatment prove that it has more to offer than just its brand.


The clear ceramic braces are bringing the same functions of its prototype which is the traditional braces. They provide firm correcting features to allow crooked teeth to move in the proper places. The reason why dentists support the invention of this dental device is due to these following benefits:

  • Less visible

While metal braces are very effective with teeth straightening, most patients are hesitant because of their appearance. It’s notably bulky and flashy because of the metal wires and brackets. Although it’s smaller now, ceramic braces still beat it with discreetness.

Ceramic is a material that blends well with the natural teeth color. Thus, making it difficult for others to tell if you’re wearing braces. You could also consult about self ligating ceramic braces as they’re more low-key. This gives you less thing to worry about when you want to achieve that proud smile.

  • Less irritable

Aside from looks, metal braces could also be somewhat uncomfortable. There are instances of lesions in the mouth because of faulty wires and bracket edges. There’s a low assurance of a perfect treatment with braces, however, clear ceramic braces tell you differently.

This type of material is not just aesthetically better, it’s also more comfortable. Because of its smooth surface and upgraded wires, clear braces promise a pleasant treatment.

  • Less expensive

Compared to the Invisalign procedure, ceramic aligners are more affordable. Not considering its cost, both treatments provide you with effectiveness, subtleness, and comfort. These are clear indicators that effective self-enhancement is now within your reach.

Who are suitable for this treatment?

Every technique varies its results to each patient. Having said this, the success of ceramic braces treatment still lies in the patient’s qualifications. Although dentists claim that it’s suitable for any age group, clear braces might be best for older teens and adults. Just like metal braces, this procedure would need a mature teeth structure that could cooperate with the rigid correction.

Ceramic braces treatment process

To give you an idea of how this treatment goes, read these steps:

  1. The dentist cleans your teeth by removing plaque and tartar.
  2. When the teeth are dry, he applies the bonding glue then follow the brackets of your clear ceramic braces.
  3. He inserts the archwire in each bracket to connect them all.
  4. He secures the appliances with dental bands.

Doesn’t that sound quick and easy? Dentists also guarantee that the procedure is painless with the help of anesthesia. Although your mouth feels sore a week after the treatment, it’s normal and treatable with medication and home remedies. Ceramic braces in London, Ontario might just be trick you need for you long-desired self-change.

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