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dentist recommend wearing nightguards. Nightguards are a type of mouthguards that covers the upper teeth and lower teeth and hence creates a cushion between them. They are generally made of plastic or acrylic. It is recommended that you get the nightguards custom fitted by your dentist so that they fit in your mouth properly and provide maximum protection.

Teeth grinding at night is a sleep disorder and most of the times people are not aware of it. Sleeping partner can make you aware and the dentist will diagnose and guide to use nightguards based on the oral health. Night grinding can lead to gum receding, fractures in the teeth, decay and other dental problems that require expensive dental treatments. A night guard should be comfortable and allow cushion.  Generally the dentist takes the impression of the teeth and gets it custom made. The nightguard material is soft and can be worn in one jaw which does not allow the teeth to be damaged further. In most cases stress is the main reason behind bruxism.

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