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Are There Major Risks For Having A Dental Bonding?

by | Aug 8, 2019 | blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Services

Dental bonding is a procedure that uses a composite material to repair teeth problems such as chips and breaks. Also, dentists recommend this to patients who have issues with teeth gaps and small teeth because these can be unattractive to some. 

Furthermore, the material is also good to conceal tooth discoloration. That’s why some dentists use teeth bonding as a cosmetic option for these instances. With dental composite bonding, teeth imperfections now have easy remedies. 

Dental bonding procedure 

Generally, the teeth bonding procedure takes about 60 minutes to complete. Sometimes, it may take more time than that, especially if it involves more teeth to repair. Nevertheless, it requires only one visit to your dentist.

To begin with the dental bonding process, your dentist ensures that your teeth are clean. He removes the plaque and tartar that are present then dries your teeth. After that, he follows these steps: 

  1. Using a shade guide, he carefully determines what colour of the composite resin closely matches your natural teeth colour. Once he figures it out, he readies the material beforehand. 
  2. Now, he prepares your teeth for the dental composite bonding application. The bite surfaces should be rough to make sure that the material properly adheres. To do this, he etches the teeth slightly and then applies dental conditioning liquid on it. 
  3. This time, he puts the tooth-coloured composite material on the tooth surface. He moulds the resin so it completely repairs and covers the tooth issue. When he’s satisfied with the form, he uses an ultraviolet light on the material to permanently harden it. 

A final polishing may be necessary so the new dental bonding blends with the rest of the sheen of your smile. 

Risks of dental bonding

There are no major risks associated with teeth bonding. In fact, it’s a great option to restore your smile or even enhance it. Somehow, the only drawback here is the durability of the material. Since composite resin isn’t as hard as your real teeth, it is still susceptible to damage. Furthermore, it is not stain-resistant.

If you have dental composite bonding on your teeth, make sure that you avoid eating hard food. Candies, ice, chips, and cookies may result in chipping your bonded tooth. You also need to manage your habits like nail-biting and pen-chewing as it easily breaks the resin. On top of that, keep away from staining food if you don’t want to have an unfair teeth colour. 

Overall, it isn’t that difficult to maintain your new smile as long as you observe proper oral hygiene. Most importantly, you should avail of regular checkups and dental services in Thornhill Ontario for sustaining dental health.

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