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Replacing missing teeth comes with several options. An excellent example of this is getting a dental bridge in Thornhill, Ontario.  If there is a space between healthy teeth, your dentist may recommend them. They also attached a false tooth on one or more crowns on both sides. 

Advantages of bridges

Many dental bridge benefits can improve not only your dental health but also makes your life easier. Check out these benefits :

  • They maintain your face shape.
  • Chewing is easy for you.
  • You can speak clearly.
  • They can enhance your smile and boost your confidence.


The types of dental bridges will depend on the placement of your tooth. Generally, your dentist may choose from the following depending on your need.

  • Cantilever bridges

They use porcelain which the fused to metal, and only use it for front teeth. 

  • Traditional bridges

This type of bridge can replace the back of your teeth, such as your molars and premolars. 

  • Maryland bridges

They are known as resin-bonded bridges. They use a metal frame bonded to the rear of the supporting teeth.

  • Implant-supported bridges

They use dental implants for support. Moreover, they can replace at least three missing back teeth.

Care for bridges

It is natural to have an uncomfortable feeling, most especially if your dental bridges are newly installed. As it can take a few days to adjust, you should eat soft and small pieces of food for the time being.

Observe proper oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy throughout. Moreover, you should not miss your regular dental cleaning appointment. In addition to making your teeth cleaner, it also allows your dentist to detect oral problems.

Need help?

For any bridges you may need to restore your teeth, feel free to contact your Thornhill dentist to know your best options. Don’t wait any longer, and get back on track with your oral health.

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