Preserve Your Smile With A Same-day Dental Bridge

by | Jun 8, 2019 | blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Services, Orthodontics

More dental clinics address patients’ tooth loss through a dental bridge restoration. Teeth bridges are a type of fixed restorative treatment that replace one or more missing teeth. With the help of modern technology, this type of restoration can now be done in one visit. As a result, patients need not wait for days before their smiles are restored.

One of the best tooth restoration options available is a porcelain dental bridge. Other materials used are metals such as gold and alloy, a mix of metal and porcelain, or composite resin.

Dental bridge procedure


During the patient’s visit, the dentist performs an initial assessment of the dental problem. He visually checks and identifies how many teeth need replacement. Also, he takes a digital X-ray to gain a better perspective of the patient’s teeth and bone structure. The results are necessary so he decides what’s the best treatment option and discusses it with the patient.

Treatment planning

Next, the dentist presents the dental case to his patient and why he recommends a dental bridge restoration. He discusses the pros and cons of the desired treatment and why it is the best restoration possible.

There are different types of dental bridges that dentists use, depending on the location of the gap after tooth loss.

  • The cantilever bridge is used by the dentist when there’s only one tooth available to act as a support to the prosthetic tooth. Although, this option is not recommended to replace a missing molar.
  • A composite bridge is a cost-effective method to replace one or two missing teeth. In this method, a tooth-colored filling material is directly mounted on the gap. This is reinforced with a wire or ribbon to add strength to the composite porcelain dental bridge. However, this is only a temporary option when the patient has not decided to let go of his compromised tooth due to periodontal disease.
  • An implant-supported bridge is a type of tooth restoration that’s exclusively supported by dental implants. This is ideal when the patient needs a full dental arch restoration.
  • Maryland dental bridge is a type of winged bridge, also called a resin-bonded bridge. This includes a false tooth and metal wing for support.
  • Traditional tooth bridge involves an abutment tooth on each side of the gap, and a false tooth in the middle.

Tooth restoration

Once the type and material of the bridge are decided, tooth restoration begins and ends in one visit! The availability of digital scanning and milling machine in the dental clinic makes it possible. The digital dental impression is sent to the machine right away for milling of the restoration. Once ready, the dentist sets the porcelain dental bridge in place and check for final fitting before permanently cementing it. In about two hours, the patient’s missing tooth is restored as well as his confidence to smile.

If you need a tooth restoration, visit your nearest clinic and ask about having a dental bridge in Thornhill, Ontario.

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