Reasons to Find The Best Dentist in Thornhill

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Dental Health

It is extremely important to give proper attention to our oral hygiene as it has a huge impact on our health. Visiting a dentist at least twice a year is a must, and we should not wait for a dental crisis before making the visit.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should find and visit a good dentist:

  • Avoiding complications: Routine oral exams are essential to ensure our teeth are clean and carie-free. They allow a dentist to assess your fluoride needs, as well as the requirement for fillings. Routine check-ups can also help assess the onset of gum disease. Timely prevention saves pain, inconvenience and the expensive treatment that comes with not taking care of our teeth.
  • Mirror of overall health: A thorough examination of the mouth may sometimes reveal hidden diseases. Diseases like diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, etc. lower the body’s infection resistance, and worsen oral health problems. Similarly, many medications like antihistamines, painkiller, decongestants, etc. may lower saliva flow, therefore reducing the body’s ability to fight off harmful microbes. Germs and bacteria from your mouth may spread through your bloodstream and impact heart health. Gum diseases make it difficult to control diabetes, and can even lead to premature birth in pregnant women. These are only some of the diseases that are linked to your overall health and as such, the state of your mouth is a good indicator of how the rest of your body is doing.
  • Aesthetic reasons: Everyone appreciates a beautiful smile. To ensure your pearly whites are at their best, avoid plaque buildup and other dental problems that may damage the teeth and gums. Regular cleaning, scaling and check-ups ensure your smile stays beautiful!

There are many good dentists in the Thornhill area who provide an entire spectrum of dental services and treatment for their patients. Some of the treatments provided include:

  • Cleaning/Scaling: Over time, bacteria in our mouth may form a hard film on our teeth which is known as plaque or tartar. Cleaning or scaling is the process of scraping tartar, and deep cleaning the gums to prevent any gum diseases.
  • Dental Fillings: Dental caries or tooth decay may damage your tooth and create cavities. Dentists clean out the infection in your tooth, and fill them with restorative material to prevent further damage.
  • Root canal treatment (RCT): Severe dental infection may sometimes impact the pulp chamber of your tooth causing severe pain and damage to the tooth. This is remedied with the help of a root canal treatment which also saves the tooth from extraction.
  • Tooth extraction: When the infection is too severe for even an RCT to save the tooth, a dentist may suggest tooth extraction in order to save the nearby teeth and gums from further damage. Wisdom teeth often require extraction when infected.
  • Treatment for periodontal diseases: Gum diseases or periodontal diseases are very common, and can be prevented through good oral hygiene, and regular cleaning and scaling. Neglecting gum disease, in its initial stages, may eventually lead to gum bleeding and swelling, deep periodontal pockets housing nasty bacteria between the teeth and gums, the loosening of teeth and the breaking down of bones. All this may require complicated and extensive surgery. Dentists treat these problems through procedures like scaling, root planing, flap surgery, and bone and tissue graft, depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry consists of restoring or enhancing the appearance of your teeth and smile. In fact, cosmetic dentistry can improve your whole facial appearance. Dentists use procedures like teeth whitening, bonding, installing veneers and crowns, enamel shaping and contouring, as well as correcting crooked or crowded teeth to improve the aesthetics of your face. Apart from these, dentists also replace any missing teeth with the help of implants and bridges.

Looking for the best dentist in Thornhill? Here’s a list to help you in your search:


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